At Eataly, Now You Can Have Your Groceries and Eat Them, Too

Nov 10, 2019 261

BY: Anthony Todd

Eataly is one of the more epic dining experiences in Chicago — with more than 60,000 square feet of Italian goodies, there’s pretty much something for every taste. But I’ve always experienced a sort of bittersweet edge to my shopping there. Since I never remember to go in with a real grocery shopping plan, I use Eataly more as a museum of beautiful food than an actual market.

I gaze at the pretty fish on ice and the gorgeous hunks of beef, and maybe leave with some cheese or charcuterie, but all of that abundance is a bit wasted on me — and if it’s wasted on me, someone with a kitchen just a few miles away, what about the tourists? I can’t imagine many people are bringing a 60-ounce tomahawk steak back to their hotel room.

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