Don’t Throw Out Your Parmesan Rinds. Here’s What to Do With Them Instead

Jan 15, 2020 352

BY: Taylor Tobin

If you’re following any type of food-world media these days, you’re likely aware of the massive trend in favor of conservation and reuse among restaurant chefs and home cooks alike. Once-overlooked kitchen scraps get recycled and utilized in creative ways, and one prime example of culinary detritus with abundant potential comes in the form of the humble Parmesan rind.

These flavor-packed outer cheese shells are a favorite “secret ingredient” of many pro chefs, including Eric Lees, the new executive chef of legendary Chicago Italian restaurant Spiaggia (a favorite of the Obamas). We chatted with Lees to get his advice on how and when Parmesan rinds can come in handy, and he made an excellent case for hanging onto these commonly tossed items.

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