Documentary maker Gia Marie Amella

Oct 29, 2018 348

BY: Lou Carlozo

If you were to pick a current documentarian for the subject of a documentary, Gia Marie Amella would be a smart choice. Together with her partner, Giuseppe “Beppe” Mangione, she’s the force behind Modio Media, a production company that first came to the attention of the Italian-American community with the 2007 release of “And They Came to Chicago: The Italian American Legacy.” 

In the intervening decade, Amella has pursued an ambitious production schedule that’s equal parts frenetic and fantastic — and increasingly Italian in focus. Amella’s most recent release is for the History Channel’s “Project Impossible” series. Unveiled this fall, her episode traces the construction of the MOSE flood control project, designed to beat back the rising waters of Venice. 

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