Dishin’ It at Bella Mia

Dec 08, 2018 277

BY: Gaby Jones and Trisha Watts

The best thing about this job is that week in and week out we have the opportunity to discover hidden gems in our community. This week was no exception. After what seemed like an eternity of not sitting down together for a meal, we broke bread, dipped it in olive oil and cracked some black pepper to add some spice. We found our latest eatery scrolling through our Facebook feed and noticing that our friends at the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce had welcomed a new business to their city. We found ourselves ordering up a storm at Bella Mia, exactly three days after their ribbon cutting. 

Found on the corner of South 15th and Cano, Bella Mia’s ownership took an old, once alleged, church (or so our sources say) and flipped it into an Italian American restaurant. Don’t expect dim lighting and white linens when you walk in. Instead expect a warm welcome, a hot dish and a passionate conversation about food from Bella Mia’s Owner/Chef Juan Guarcas. 

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