Dining at The Shore: Rustic Italian at La Mondina to hot dogs, cheese fries & a root beer on the bay

Aug 23, 2019 234

BY: Brian J. Laline

Guess what! Good Italian food actually exists off Staten Island! Even in New Jersey. At the seafood-rich Jersey Shore no less! Who knew? Staten Islanders flock to the Shore like swanky Upper West Siders escape to the Hamptons.

So after day at, in or on the waters of the Garden State, and you’re looking for good food and good atmosphere, we discovered a few standouts on that stretch of sand between Brielle/Point Pleasant and South Seaside Park at The Shore. Just an hour or so from Staten’s shores. For Italian, two fancy and one pizza joint that can’t be beat.

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SOURCE: https://www.silive.com

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