Dina Morrone’s “The Italian in Me” wins the Valley Theatre Award

Nov 13, 2018 753

BY: Silvia Giudici

“Call me! Federico Fellini wants to see you.” When actress Dina Morrone received this message from her agent, she didn’t think much of it and believing it was just a joke, she didn’t call her back. But the famous Italian director was indeed looking for a blonde girl for his first ever commercial. It was for Banca di Roma, and he wanted to audition the Italian-Canadian actress who, at that time, was living in Rome.  

“When I found out it was true, I bought a dress, put on a scarf and went to Cinecittà to meet him,” Dina recalls with emotion. “I didn’t get the part, which made me sad: when you are going through things you think ‘why did it not work out?’ Only later in life you realize that there’s always a silver lining. And in that case,  it was my show.” The story of her encounter with Federico Fellini, in fact, became the motivation to write her first one-woman show, The Italian in Me. Entirely written and performed by Dina, the show recently won the Valley Theater Award for Best One Person Show. 

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org/

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