Despite losses to Dodgers and A’s, Team Italy gains valuable experience in Arizona Instructional League Exhibition Series

Oct 13, 2018 502

BY: Roberto Angotti

Team Italy manager Gilberto “Gibo” Gerali is doing all the right things to prepare his Azzurri squad for next year’s Olympic Qualifier. During the final days of a two-week camp and Instructional League Exhibition Series in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Team Italy played against some of MLB’s best prospects in the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics organizations.

Facing players awaiting their chance to join the Los Angeles Dodgers postseason roster in the “Stay Hot camp” in Glendale, Arizona, Team Italy stepped onto the field which featured 22-year-old budding superstar Alex Verdugo and three-year MLB veteran Andrew Toles in the outfield. Perhaps daunting at first sight, the fighting Azzurri pitching staff of starter Filippo Crepaldi along with relievers Alex Bassani, Diego Fabiani, Yomel Rivera, Michele Pompani and Samuel Aldegheri battled the Dodgers minor leaguers and kept the game close.

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