Debut Novel “Dress Jeans, Disco and Dating” From Author Frank Maraschiello Captures the Thrills Growing Up in 1970s America

Jul 22, 2019 355

Frank Maraschiello, a middle school history teacher and a Buffalo, New York native, has completed his new book “Dress Jeans, Disco and Dating”: the story of Nick Carnavale, a teen entering high school during a time of shifting social mores and cultural norms that conflict with the upbringing he is accustomed to in the Italian-American West Side section of working class Buffalo. It is a story of love first love and friendship that spans 40 years.

“This book is a fond remembrance of the seventies that will make the reader remember pet rocks, eight-track players, “Dancing Queens”, and first loves,” Frank Maraschiello said of his work. “As Nick is about to start high school, the height of the disco era’s mayhem overtakes him. The quick-changing morals and attitudes of the time go against all his innermost thoughts and feelings.”

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