Danvers Columbus Day petition sparks AG complaint from Mass. Italian American organization

Jan 31, 2020 250

A Massachusetts Italian-American association filed an open meeting law complaint against the Danvers Human Rights and Inclusion Committee. The Italian-American Alliance made the complaint to the Attorney General’s office over what they perceived as secretive meetings about changing having the town change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Francis Mazzaglia, chairman of the Alliance, said he filed the complaint on Monday, Jan. 27, after reading about the Danvers Board of Selectmen vote in the Herald-Citizen the week prior. “We had no idea,” he said. “There was no meeting. It went through so fast nobody had a chance to go up there and say anything… There was no one on the other side to say there was another perspective.”

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SOURCE: https://northofboston.wickedlocal.com

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