Da Michele Pizzaiolo Serves Up Authentic Naples-Style Pizza

Jul 15, 2019 335

Crafting the perfect pizza takes skill, precision, and the right ingredients. Michele Rubini learned to be a pizzaiolo by studying with the best in Naples, Italy. "You have to make sure the crust is paper thin," said Rubini. Now at L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Los Angeles, Americans can eat traditional Neapolitan pizza made from fresh, authentic ingredients.

"Everything comes from Italy every week. Our tomato is just tomato, so we don’t add anything else," said Rubini. This is actually the first U.S. location of the pizzeria that has been serving these specialties since the 1870s in the Southern Italian city. "[It's] the same way they make pizza since the very beginning, so we are talking about a recipe that has 150 years," said Rubini.

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SOURCE: https://spectrumnews1.com

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