A Culinary Walk through Bobbio, Italy – Nature, Food and Traditions

Dec 05, 2018 197

BY: Arianna Frea

As soon as you enter the village of Bobbio, you immediately realize the importance of the place. The little roads of the centre enclose the life of Bobbio in an almost monastic way. Resting on the left bank of the river Trebbia, at the side of the “Appennino Piacentino” (the Appenines near Piacenza in the region of Emilia-Romagna), Bobbio is a lovely village rich in history.

Since Roman times there is evidence of its existence, but it is only in 614 A.D. thanks to the the monk Colombano, that the importance of the village started. In fact it was him that began the construction of what later became one of the most important Abbeys of Europe due to its library and Scriptorium (“a place of writing”, room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the copying of manuscripts by the monastic scribes).

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