Crowdfunding for "Churubusco", by Andrea Ferraris

Jan 10, 2019 231

Lorenzo is working on his first feature film as director. He optioned the film rights of the Italian graphic novel called Churubusco written and drawn by Andrea Ferraris, the Italian comic artist who worked for Disney for the past 20 years.

This is the story of Gaetano Rizzo, an Italian immigrant, son of farmers during the pre-unification of Italy, who enlists in the Union army to fight in the war against Mexico hoping that military service will grant him a piece of land to own and pursuit the American Dream. But once he sees the cruelty he is being ordered to inflict upon the people of Mexico — no different from what he had escaped from in his home country — he has a crisis of conscience.

At a time when the Mexico-US border wall has become a hotly debated topic, revisiting this briefly yet profound moment in history, told through the eyes of a seemingly impartial man, can perhaps shed some light on the humanity of past and current events.

The character of Gaetano Rizzo is based on the real-life Garretson Roberts (as his name was Anglicized at Ellis Island), a U.S. soldier born in Sicily and hanged in Churubusco June 13, 1847 for desertion.

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