A comparison of Christmas lights: Bay Ridge & Dyker

Dec 26, 2019 372

BY: Raymond Guarini

For neighborhoods within the five boroughs, Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights have long been beautiful neighborhoods with rich colonial history and many gorgeous homes on larger plots of land . Dyker, having been a hidden gem for decades, is now world-renowned for the cluster of mansions with the most tantalizing Christmas decorations and lights each year at Christmastime.

Buses bring steady flows of International tourists from Manhattan. Police are on every corner to make sure the steady flow of traffic moves smoothly and all can enjoy the beautiful devotion of love for the Christmas holiday. What many people do not know is that there is a competition brewing. Right next to Dyker, in Bay Ridge, there is a rapid growth year-to-year in homes showing off gorgeous Christmas lights and decorations.

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SOURCE: https://italianenclaves.org

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