Columbus Statues In Grant Park, Arrigo Park Covered In Plastic Wrap To ‘Discourage Vandalism’

Jun 23, 2020 249

The statues of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park and Arrigo Park have been seen covered with plastic wrap Monday. The wrap covered the entire base and pedestal of the Grant Park statue, which is located near the Museum Campus. The Chicago Park District told CBS 2’s Marissa Parra it has covered the statues “to protect them and discourage vandalism.”

The statues were covered up last Wednesday with the tarps, the Park District said. The district said it is not known how long they will be covered. A week ago Saturday, the Grant Park statue was spray-painted with terms like “BLM” and “genocide” – and in one spot with red paint that was left dripping like blood over the inscription that credits Columbus as the “discoverer of America.”

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