Columbus Day: a time to celebrate America's immigrants

Oct 09, 2018 178

BY: Peter Roff

It’s long past the time when it was fashionable to think of Christopher Columbus as having “discovered” America. It wasn’t that long ago kids would debate with all the intensity they could muster whether he or the Vikings had been the first Europeans to set foot in North America. The fact there were already people here was something of an afterthought.

Now, even the term “Columbus Day” has become a trigger for social justice warriors alarmed by the image of a pacific, indigenous people massacred by white Europeans seeking to build an empire and find riches far from home. It’s what happens when the demands of political correctness are permitted to overcome the serious study of history. Furthermore, it’s that kind of grievance-based analysis of events that completely ignores the benefits to humankind that came about as a result. The desire to explore and the desire to reach beyond the horizon to see what is just over the next hill is embedded deeply in the hearts of all men and women. It’s where progress originates.

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