Colorado's War of the Words Continues Over Columbus Day

Oct 04, 2018 472

BY: Patricia Calhoun

On Saturday, October 6, Denver’s annual Columbus Day Parade will start at West 14th Avenue and Bannock Street. It won’t need much space: The parade is far smaller than it was many decades ago, when it was a major point of Italian-American pride before it took a three-decade break in 1960; or 28 years ago, when a revived parade became the target of protests by the Native American community that resulted in numerous arrests; or even two years ago, when young activists with the Colorado chapter of the American Indian Movement, energized by opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, organized the peaceful Four Directions March not just as an objection to Columbus Day, but as an action in solidarity with indigenous people everywhere.

This year’s Columbus Day Parade will have just four floats. Only the Pinta and Santa Maria will appear; the Niña needs to be rebuilt. 

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