Colby Student Government Association votes to recognize Indigenous People’s Day in response to Isgro

Nov 16, 2019 193

BY: Bia Malaspina

In response to the Mayoral Proclamation put forth by Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro, the Student Government Association (SGA) voted unanimously to pass a statement in support of Indigenous People’s Day. The mayor’s statement declared Oct. 14 as Columbus Day, directly opposing legislation signed by Governor Janet Mills, which officially changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day in Maine.

Isgro’s proclamation described Columbus as a “skilled navigator and man of faith,” urging Waterville residents to “celebrate this day with appropriate ceremonies and remembrances.”  Several members of the Colby community had strong reactions to this controversial proclamation, including Josh Brause `23, a freshman class senator in SGA. As a response, Brause decided to write a motion asking his fellow SGA members to recognize Indigenous People’s Day.

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