Cleveland Italian bakery owners tell story behind armed business guards: ‘We had no choice’

Jun 07, 2020 1744

BY: Vivek Saxena

A Cleveland, Ohio bakery owner whose family brandished weapons on rioters who’d threatened to loot their business feels no remorse over the actions they took. “We were there because we were getting ready to open on Monday, and unfortunately there was a riot that evolved, and it really came to our door,” fourth-generation Corbo’s Bakery owner Selena Corbo said Thursday on Fox News’ “Fox News @ Night.”

“Right outside our door, there were 400 or 500 rioters, so we had to protect ourselves and we had to protect our business. We work too hard for it to let anything happen. Our business is our life.” Located in Cleveland, Ohio, her family’s bakery became a national sensation after video footage emerged showing Corbo’s sons using shotguns to keep a mob of “Black Lives Matter” protesters from entering the shop and potentially destroying it.

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