Civil Weddings

Jan 13, 2019 253

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Civil ceremonies celebrated in Italy are legally recognized everywhere else in the world, US included. They usually take place in Town Halls, but there is a certain freedom to choose whichever location you set your eyes upon, provided it has been recognized by Italian civil authorities as apt for the scope. Hot choices are, as you may imagine, villas, casali and castles, as well as Town Halls in major art cities such as Florence or Venice. Outdoors ceremonies are also possible.

Even if you opt for a religious wedding, you may be in need to sit through a civil ceremony: among all religious marriage ceremonies, only the Catholic and the Jewish are legally binding in Italy, which means a civil ceremony is necessary to make your union legal in all other cases. So, if you’re thinking to tie the knot with, say, a Protestant ceremony, the following two or three paragraphs are going to be pretty useful to you, too.

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