Ciccia Osteria Brings a Taste of Italy to Barrio Logan

Jun 25, 2019 324

BY: Candice Woo

Barrio Logan has new neighbors, who moved into the area 11 months ago and have been painstakingly renovating a house on Logan Avenue; they’re finally ready to invite you over for dinner. Ciccia Osteria is run by Francesca Penoncelli and Mario Cassineri, a chef couple who began their culinary training in Italy at age 14 and traveled the globe together, from Lebanon to Kansas City, as corporate chefs for the BICE Restaurant Group before settling in San Diego to open a BiCE in the Gaslamp, which they ran until its shutter in 2017.

Though Cassineri is the more well-known of the two, Penoncelli has been an equal partner in several of his high-profile consulting projects, including Madison on Park and the upcoming Blade 1936 in Oceanside. For the first restaurant that’s all their own, they chose to open an osteria as an antithesis to their fine dining backgrounds. Typically cozy and casual, an Italian osteria features an ever-changing, short menu of dishes based on what’s fresh and in season, and always at accessible prices. At Ciccia Osteria, ordering is done at a counter, with Cassineri playing gracious host and delivering food and carafes of wine to guests.

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