Certified Piedmontese And IRONMAN Partner To Provide "The Healthier Beef Option" To Triathlon And Endurance Athletes

Mar 03, 2019 198

Certified Piedmontese Beef, in conjunction with IRONMAN, a Wanda Sports Holding company, announced today a partnership to help provide IRONMAN athletes with "The Healthier Beef Option."  The new partnership makes Certified Piedmontese the Official Beef Sponsor of IRONMAN North America.

Certified Piedmontese Beef is a naturally lean, nutritious beef low in fat and calories, yet high in protein.  This is the result of the Piedmontese breed's distinct predilection for developing lean physiques with heavy musculature, producing beef that does not rely on fatty marbling (common in other breeds of cattle) to achieve tenderness.  Instead, Certified Piedmontese brings you a naturally lean and tender beef. 

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SOURCE: https://markets.businessinsider.com

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