Cento: reminding you of one of best Italian spots in Madison

Nov 28, 2019 372


This past Friday, I lost my WisCard, and it was impossible to get another one until Monday. That meant this weekend I couldn’t use my meal plan and had to exclusively spend my own money on food. It hurt. Saturday, I had a burrito for brunch and sleep for dinner. Sunday, I had a bowl of oatmeal, which I ate cold because I forgot I made it, then later in the day I had a sandwich. By dinnertime Sunday, I was craving a cooked meal. The only place suitable was Cento.

Cento is not just an Italian place in Madison — it’s the Italian place in Madison. A stone’s throw from the Capitol, it does an excellent job serving a wide array of authentic Italian American food and an even better job at creating its own unique atmosphere.

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SOURCE: https://badgerherald.com

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