Celebrate Valentine's Day Italian-style

Feb 02, 2019 206

BY: Laura Cromwell

There’s something about eating Italian food that makes you feel both satisfied and cultured. The pasta, pizzas, sauces, herbs, and spices of the various dishes delight taste buds while the very essence of Italian cuisine makes you appreciate the time-honored recipes and methods of cooking.

Another part of what makes Italian food great is — dare I say it — that it makes you want to fall in love? Seeing as how basil, among other lust-inspiring ingredients found in Italian food, is a known aphrodisiac, and Italian fare is loooaded with it, this doesn’t come as a complete shock. After all, Italy gave us Sophia Loren and gelato, so it’s safe to say that all their exports were meant to delight just about every human sense you can think of.

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SOURCE: https://virginia.ourcommunitynow.com

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