Casa Italia to shine spotlight on Albert Belmonte

Jan 22, 2019 269

Casa Italia will honor Albert Belmonte as Man of the Year on Feb. 9 at Alta Villa Banquets in Addison. To purchase purchase event and raffle tickets, place an ad in the program book or become a sponsor, click here. The following profile was provided by the sponsoring organization.


If you listen to Al Belmonte, you’d think that Casa Italia chose the wrong guy for their 2019 Man of the Year. “When they asked me, I thought they were joking,” Belmonte says. “I feel honored and a little floored.” But if you talk to anyone else in the community, you’ll know that the Casa got it exactly right. “He’s a man who knows where he’s needed and steps up to the task, and when he offers his help, he’s got it taken care of,” says 2019 Gala Chairperson Lisa Perkins. “Everybody who knows him loves him. He’s a gentleman and a friend.”

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