Carrico’s Pizza

Dec 26, 2018 400

BY: Ariana Alexa

Italian brothers from Oakland, Tennessee, John and Charlie Harrell, had a cheesy idea to start a business in the Hub City. “I told my brother to keep all your recipes in your back pocket for later and finally, we said, ‘alright let’s make our own pizza business,'” said John. Since late October, the Harrell brothers have owned and operated Carrico’s Pizza on Union University Drive in Jackson.

They named it after their grandfather. “Our grandfather was Italian. He was unforgettable. He’s had a huge influence on us growing up and hopefully we bring some longevity to his name,” said John. Turns out Charlie has a long resume of pizza! “The first job I actually ever had was working in a pizza shop when I was 15 or 16,” said Charlie.

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