Buon Appetito! The Fine Market Opens the Door to a World of Gourmet, Non-GMO and Organic Italian Cuisine to America

Apr 19, 2019 369

Lovers of healthful, yet gourmet, Italian cuisine now rejoice because The Fine Market has opened its online store and is ready to ship across the United States. Founded and run by an Italian family of five and based in Clearwater, Florida, the company is dedicated to bringing the best of Italy's world-famous food to American shores while catering to the many special dietary requirements that the modern American foodie requires.

"You are what you eat – and the Italian diet is widely regarded as one of the very best in the world! At The Fine Market, we make it easy for anyone in the United States to enjoy one of the world's greatest cuisines at home without going over budget," said Valentina Vaccarone, one of the co-founders of The Fine Market. "We are also starting to include high-quality foods from other nations like the USA."

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SOURCE: https://www.prnewswire.com/

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