Bugatti owners gather for an upstate drive

Sep 08, 2018 393

When Italian-born Ettore Bugatti would go to work as a car manufacturer, he would do so on horseback. The maker of high-performance cars would incorporate his love of horses right in front of the car he would make. The grill is still shaped like a horseshoe.

"Horses, horsepower seemed to be a winning combination," said Alan Rosenblum, who owns two Bugattis – a 1934 Type 57 and a 1927 Grand Prix – gathered at the Sugar Plum Farm. It's part of an event for the weekend's Saratoga Wine and Food Festival. "This car (Type 57) has been all over the country. It's been at Pebble Beach in many different types of shows and it's an absolutely excellent car to drive," Rosenblum said.

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