Brooklyn’s Oldest Butchers

Dec 23, 2019 843

BY: Rachel Lindy Baron

At any of Brooklyn’s old-school butcher shops, you’ll find loyal customers whose continued patronage comes from a pride bordering on smugness: no need to defend something so eminently, obviously wonderful as insisting on the best meat. For the Italian American community, that means great soppressata, fresh sausage, and prime antipasto. For the Polish, it means the best kielbasa, Polish-style ham and other salty, smoky treats. For the Jewish community, it means fresh brisket, carefully slaughtered by a certified shohet.  

These five spots, scattered throughout Brooklyn, are some of the oldest and most beloved in the borough. Several of them date back to the dawn of the 20th century and are reminders of a period when Italian, Polish, and Jewish immigrants were carving out a niche for themselves in neighborhoods like Greenpoint, Cobble Hill, and Dyker Heights. 

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