Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Joe Lo Truglio stunned by the show's devoted fan base

Jan 11, 2019 338

BY: Sarah Nealon

After its first season, cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine won two Golden Globes. One was for lead Andy Samberg while the other was for best comedy series. The show garnered a lot of attention but last year, after five seasons on air, Fox cancelled the series only for it to be picked up by NBC a few days later. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's sixth season starts on TVNZ Duke on Sunday, January 13.

If you haven't seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet (you can watch previous seasons on Lightbox and Netflix), the show is set in a modern-day New York police precinct headed by Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), a gay African-American. The action largely revolves around Andy Samberg's juvenile and enthusiastic Detective Jake Peralta, who is obsessed with the Bruce Willis film Die Hard.

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