Brianno’s Deli Italia: Packing ‘Em In For 25 Years

Apr 11, 2019 458

For 25 years, it’s been a hidden gem in the southern suburb of Eagan. In fact, when Jason DeRusha posted some videos on Instagram, loyal customers begged him to keep it their secret. But the secret is out: This morning, DeRusha Eats along Highway 77 at Brianno’s Deli Italia!

If Tony Larsen looks like a pro at getting pizza dough ready. It’s because he’s been making thin crust at Brianno’s Deli in Eagan for more than 20 years. The restaurant is tucked away behind a bike shop off Cliff Road in South Suburban Eagan. It’s founded by Brian (Brianno) Mangine using his mom Josephina’s recipes in 1993.

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