A breath between summer and fall

Oct 29, 2018 265

BY: Ron Onesti

Fall is here, my favorite time of the year. It means brisk days on an orange, yellow and brown backdrop, butternut squash ravioli, pumpkin pie and apple cider. It also means the end of "festival season" for me. Onesti Entertainment is involved to varying degrees with many festivals, but there are three we produce from top to bottom. And by fall, we are done with tents, grills, weather reports and port-a-potties.

Don't get me wrong. These festivals have become a huge part of me and my family's lives. The sheer joy that so many people get from what we put together is one of the most rewarding feelings one could ever have. And to know that folks actually schedule their vacations around something we have created is an honor in and of itself. Year after year, they return with bigger families and more friends. They become part of OUR family.

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SOURCE: https://www.dailyherald.com

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