Botteghiamo, Rome and the soul of Italian heritage

Dec 05, 2018 270


Today, I feel like to write about Rome and Italian heritage, but for once - our regular readers may be aware of my penchant for classical history - I won’t delve into the depths and beauties of the Empire, but focus on the Rome of today. At least in part, let us say. Our breathtaking capital has been going through a bit of a rough patch, as many of you have probably learnt, even from the pages of our newspaper, yet her millennial history demonstrates Rome is never really beaten nor conquered and she always, always rises up with pride, more beautiful and relevant than before.

And what goes for Rome, ladies and gentlemen, goes for Italy as a whole: il Bel Paese struggles, the government is weak, TV is awful but Italy remains Italy, idiosyncratic and criticized, but loved and envied like no other place in the world. Our regular readers know we at L’Italo Americano truly believe one of the reasons our country remains so beautiful, so warm, so welcoming is the profound tie she has managed to maintain with her past, not only historically and artistically, but also in the most humble and common of things.

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