Bocce Takes Over Tahoe

Jul 08, 2019 323

BY: Kayla Anderson

Equipped with a glass of wine in one hand and a glow-in-the-dark bocce ball in the other, I’m at the Truckee River Winery on a warm evening at a bocce ball court, trying to figure out how to tap away my opponents’ balls. I may have blown my shot, but the game gives me a chance to relax, catch up with others and participate in some friendly competition in Tahoe’s great outdoors.

Bocce is a casual and low-impact sport that is usually played on a hardpacked soil or paved court with plastic balls about the size of a baseball. Easy to learn, social, affordable and strategic, this centuries-old pastime began in Italy. Over the last decade, bocce has been growing in popularity in the Tahoe Sierra as more restaurants, golf courses and community spaces have been building courts for locals and guests.

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