The Bilingual Fair: an Opportunity to Learn More About Bilingual Programs

Oct 30, 2018 482

BY: Stefania P. Clegg, Benedetta Scardovi-Mounier

It is already that time of year again: time for those who are not yet familiar with bilingual language programs at public schools, to join the Bilingual Fair at Fordham University at 62nd street on November 3. The Bilingual Fair, first launched by the French community in NYC, has grown a lot since its first edition of 2014, and it now attracts exhibitors throughout the many language and cultural communities across NYC. Visitors arrive from the five boroughs to see what’s happening on the educational field of the bilingual public and private sector.

According to the Department of Education of NYC, there were 215 Dual Language Programs (the number includes pre-k, early childhood and elementary schools) as of 2017. Only one of these programs is an Italian DL, at PS112 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Another school, PS242 located on the Upper West SIde of Manhattan, has been authorized by the DOE to start another one and is actively looking for Italian native speakers to make this happen.

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