A BIG touch of Italy amidst Ohio cornfields

Jun 27, 2019 313

For those of you, like me, who have wondered why the local restaurant is named “Viva Maria”? Here’s why. Viva, in Italian, means: “Hurrah!” Maria is an Italian name. Put them together and what you’ve got is an endearing salutation to restaurant owners Susan and Dominic Fricano’s daughter Maria.

Maria, by the way, is a relatively well-known jazz singer who not only sings sometimes Friday and Saturday nights at the Ada restaurant, but she sings all over Ohio, and beyond. And its been ‘beyond’ Susan’s comprehension how well Viva Maria has done in this small Midwestern village. She said that, she figures, has a lot to do with how “…comfy and casual we try to make it, as if people were coming to someone’s home in Italy (minus the canals, of course).”

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SOURCE: https://adaherald.com

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