Better than Sisters - a unique crossover novel that captures the heart of Italian-American Brooklyn in the1970s

Apr 17, 2019 289

Volossal Publishing is proud to announce the release of our fourth novel with celebrated Italian-American author Catherine Gigante-Brown. Her BETTER THAN SISTERS boldly blurs the line between Young Adult and Women’s fiction.

BETTER THAN SISTERS weaves a timeless tale that spans several decades, generations, cultures and genres, telling the story of two “forever friends” who are “better than sisters” because they chose each other. This moving coming-of-age novel opens in 1970s Brooklyn and morphs to the present day, following Italian-American Cici Piccolo and Latina Desi Ruiz as they blossom from shy teenage misfits to confident women. It is an unforgettable story of true, pure, intense friendship that is lost—and found.

Says Gigante-Brown: “It’s my wish that mothers and daughters, even grandmothers, will enjoy this book together and that it will open the lines of communication between them. I hope women everywhere will be inspired to reach out to the ‘forever friends’ they’ve lost touch with.”

“We’re incredibly pleased to release Catherine’s latest novel,” says Volossal Publisher Vinnie Corbo. “No one captures the Italian-American psyche quite like she does. Catherine creates characters so real and vivid that they feel like family—and we’re so glad she’s part of ours.”

Available as both a trade paperback ($19.95) and an ebook ($9.99) in several formats, BETTER THAN SISTERS retails for $19.95.

About Catherine Gigante-Brown: All four of Catherine’s novels are set in her native Brooklyn, and three (The El, its sequel The Bells of Brooklyn and Better than Sisters) chronicle Italian-American families. In addition to doing events at bookstores and venues like NYC’s Italian American Museum, she is a frequent guest on Dr. Vito DeSimone’s Italian American Writers.

About Volossal Publishing: An eclectic boutique publisher of titles on a wide range of subjects, Volossal prides itself upon its diverse, engaging catalogue, from cookbooks to self-help tomes to literary novels—and everything else in between.

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