The best Italian restaurant in New Jersey is …

Jun 05, 2019 293

BY: Dennis Malloy

Whenever I see an obvious click-bait headline like "Best Italian Restaurant in Each State," I can't resist to see what they chose for New Jersey. We have no idea if the writer went to each state or did a Facebook poll, or went on Yelp and poked around. Was there a panel of distinguished judges from around the state or from every region of Italy? Probably not.

Whatever the methodology you can bet there are dozens of people in each of these states that are calling it "fake news" if their favorite wasn't on top of the list. I had to chuckle at some of the selections from states like Arkansas, Wyoming or Alabama. Just as they wouldn't trust a New Jersey restaurant to make the 'best grits' list anywhere. Yes, here in The Garden State we are Italian food experts, if not outright snobs. 

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