Bellaire’s Enoteca Rossa dedicated to curated wines, regional Italian cuisines

Sep 11, 2019 411

BY: Alex Hosey

Brian Brossa, the general manager and co-owner of Enoteca Rossa, said he was kicked out of the kitchen of his Italian-American family as a child more often than he was invited to help. “It’s not like somebody was nurturing me to cook,” Brossa said. “But there was a lot of passion and a lot of recipes that I use at the house that are generations old, and a few of them I’ve been able to put in here.”

Within the brick exterior of Enoteca Rossa is a staff dedicated to wine, pasta, pizza and salads for customers coming for a taste of authentic Italian food, which Brossa said consists of regional Italian cuisine along with takes more familiar to Americans. “We’ve got some traditional recipes from northern Italy, some traditional recipes from southern Italy and then some more Italian-American recipes, so it’s a blend,” Brossa said. “And we’ve had a northern chef and a southern chef.”

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