Bell Tower of Caorle

Mar 02, 2019 165

Usually, bell towers have a square or rectangular base and have a parallelepipedal shape, often featuring some sort of cone-shaped tip. But many Byzantine bell towers are actually cylindrical, with flat tops. The Caorle Cathedral bell tower has a mixture of the two different styles. It’s not only one of the few remaining cylindrical bell towers in Italy, but uniquely, has a conical top instead of flat.

What’s more, you’ll notice the tower has a slight lean. Over the centuries it has tilted a few centimeters to the right, making it an even more unusual sight. And another interesting tidbit: The original church bells that rang from the tower were removed by Austrian soldiers during World War I and melted to make weapons, so in turn, the current bells were made by fusing Austrian cannons abandoned by soldiers on the coast of Caorle.

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