Barolo Wine Museum

Jun 13, 2019 213

Viticulture enthusiasts in Piedmont, a renowned wine-producing region of Italy, can wander the halls and rooms of a castle that dates back to the 10th century to trace the evolution of wine’s significance to humankind. The journey begins in nature, then moves into the discovery of wine and how it’s impacted civilizations and cultures throughout history. From Mesopotamia to ancient Greece and Rome to 19th-century Europe, the exhibit traces wine’s influence on religion, art, music, literature, and myths. Interactive installations range from a kitchen to a small movie theater.

The experience, created by Swiss museum exhibit designer François Confino, opened in 2010. In addition to exploring wine’s ties to tradition across civilizations, Confino’s work also details how Barolo—a red wine produced in the Piedmont region—ended up a favorite among 19th-century European rulers. During the final leg of the tour, participants have an opportunity to taste the storied style. Selections from each of the 11 Barolo-producing towns are available in the castle’s ancient wine cellar.

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