Authentic Italian dairy built in rural Indiana

Dec 08, 2019 381

BY: Loren Shaum

Funded by fourth-generation Italian cheese makers, a dairy has been constructed near Warren, Indiana. Opened on Aug. 24, and in partnership with local organic farmers, the Golfo di Napoli (translates to “Gulf of Naples”) Dairy produces classic Italian cheeses, including mozzarella, ricotta, provolone and burrata.

The pasta filata (translates to “spun paste”) technique found commonly in the Naples region of southern Italy is used for all cheese making. It starts conventionally where the milk is curdled and cut into curds, but once the whey (a byproduct) is drained off, the curds are steeped in hot water and, when they float, curds are drained and kneaded until a soft and stringy consistency develops. For mozzarella and burrata, a ball is formed, and mozzarella can be eaten immediately.

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