An authentic, autumnal slice of Puglia with The Thinking Traveller

Dec 03, 2019 326

Autumn in Puglia, the south-eastern heel of Italy’s famous boot. At this time of year, in the olive tree-carpeted countryside, delicate light gently illuminates the amber leaves on the trees, and at night the roads are quiet. A huge harvest moon is set against an inky black sky, and in the fields below, tractors lazily make their way home.

Not all is quiet, however. During the day, the warmth of the midday sun still attracts hordes of tourists to the region’s gems. Among them, the unique and charming Unesco-protected Alberobello. It would be impossible to visit Puglia and not marvel at the famous town’s trulli – the characteristic, conical rooftops typical of the Valle d'itria. There are 2,000 trulli in Alberobello (not to be confused with the actual homes – one home can have as many as fifteen trulli), but there are around 15,000 in the wider valley.

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