Association Unifier: Lawrence Caniglia Honored by Aquatics International for Industry Influence

Feb 23, 2019 114

BY: Rebecca Robledo

In summer of 2017 Lawrence Caniglia had this notion that he’d go into semi-retirement. After 14 years with one of the largest regional associations in the pool/spa industry, he planned to start a new consulting business with an association management colleague. He made the big announcement and planned for the tough good-byes from a group that had grown very fond of him.

But at the end of year, he was recruited to head the industry’s biggest national organization — the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals — serving as its president/CEO. The consulting gig would have to wait. But he didn’t want to wait too long, so he figured he’d stay for about a year, help the organization through some transitions, then move on.

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