Antonietta Brancaccio Balzano, leader of the Cluster Mentor Program

Dec 08, 2018 901

Brancaccio & Associates is proud to announce that attorney Antonietta Brancaccio Balzano has been selected by the American Immigration Attorney Association (AILA) , South Florida Chapter as the leader of the Cluster Mentor Program. AILA is the national association of more than 15,000 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law.

AILA is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that provides continuing legal education, information, professional services, and expertise through its 39 chapters and over 50 national committees. As leader of the Cluster Mentor Program, attorney Brancaccio- Balzano will host discussions on new laws and related developments, attend national conferences, organize meetings, and share important information, articles, and policies. Attorney Brancaccio- Balzano, is extremely pleased to serve for the position and excited for the experience.

SOURCE: Brancaccio & Associates

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