Anitya Marlowe, from the US to Italy: How I Learned the Italian Language in Sicily

Apr 16, 2019 169

BY: Daniela Cundrò

Anitya, you had a really cool approach to the Italian language. Can you explain to us how you found your Italian school in Sicily?

“I’ll start with the way I was introduced to Sicily. While I was at the hairdresser, I heard about this inexpensive one-week trip to Sicily for a cooking class in October of 2017 which was all inclusive: food, excursions, everything. I had the time and the money so I thought, “Just do it!” During this trip, I fell in love with Sicily! I met some of the locals who became friends, and I decided to spend more time on the island because of its beauty, and besides, I now knew people in case I needed help. I decided to learn Italian because I love the culture, people, food, way of life and could see myself living in Italy in the future.  

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