Angelo’s Steak & Pasta: A local favorite for over 39 years

Jan 04, 2019 270

BY: Angelo and Angela Antonucci

39 years ago, a small town pair with big dreams moved to Myrtle Beach from Steubenville, Ohio, with the intent to duplicate the family’s well-known Italian sausage and meatball sandwich shop. When visiting the previous year in July, and seeing the restaurant crowds, they were sure they were destined to make it big.

Opening in a small 70 seat building in June the following year, they soon learned they had a concept problem. Their southern clientele just didn’t “get it.” Sausage was usually served with grits, not peppers, onions and tomato sauce. Business was “nada,” so pinching their last pennies, they hand-painted a “Restaurant” sign, slapped it over the Angelo’s Sandwiches & Deli” and hired the banner plane to fly a “$2.99 ALL YOU CAN EAT SPAGHETTI” sign down the beach.

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