Ancient villages in Lombardy

Mar 07, 2019 229

BY: Paolo Melissi

The medieval villages of Lombardy are an extraordinary artistic, historical and cultural patrimony, combined with natural attractive landscapes of great impact. It is a peaceful, antique Lombardy to be discovered, far from the great tourist attractions, but no less charming.

In the province of Varese, Angera is a town that boasts a very ancient history. It became important starting from the Middle Ages, protected by an imposing fortress dominating Lake Maggiore. The old rooms of the castle are enriched with frescoes, paintings and decorations of great value. From an artistic point of view the most important room is the Hall of Justice, frescoed by the Master of Angera in the thirteenth century, while the Mythology hall is home to a collection of over 300 Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Italian majolica art crats. 

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