Ambler’s St. Francis Day to hit 100

Jun 05, 2018 328

Every June for the past 100 years, generations of Ambler residents with ties to Maida, Italy, come for prayer, music and pasta. The St. Francis Day celebration is a staple in the Ambler community. For years, the festival has served as a way to not only pay homage to St. Francis, but to connect with family roots.

“When the festival began, it was comprised of first-generation Italian immigrants who brought to America their culture and beliefs. Today, that same tradition has grown into a communitywide event, where people come to honor the Italian influence of Ambler,” said Andrew Davoli, a member of the St. Francis Society of Ambler. “Many who belong to younger generations of Italians, like myself, continue this celebration because of its importance to our parents and ancestors. In addition to their traditions, we’ve inherited their passions.”

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