Alta Heights: From Little Italy to iconic Napa neighborhood

Dec 06, 2018 317

BY: Kirk Kirkpatrick

To Napa old-timers, the name “Alta Heights” conjures up all kinds of memories, whether you grew up there or not. Everyone has a favorite experience to reflect on, whether it be a game of pick-up baseball at the school, throwing the football in the street, walking up to the now non-existent reservoir, flying down Montecito Boulevard on bikes, Halloween egg fights or parking with their “steady” on a dirt road lovers’ lanes high in the hills overlooking the twinkling lights of the city.

From almost any part of town, then and now, Alta Heights can easily be spotted looming directly above the eastern edge of downtown, and bounded by Silverado Trail to the west, Clark Street on the north, the high, rock-strewn ridge on the top of the hill to the east and Coombsville Road to the south.

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