All-In-One Italian Eatery Opens This May, Featuring Mozzarella Store, Napoletana Pizzeria, & Artisanal Coffee

May 14, 2019 197

Calling all cheese lovers and foodies of the Chi, an exquisite new eatery is emerging later this month. And its specialty? Cheese, of course! Being the first to do so, the eatery will provide a multi-faceted and wholly unique experience for Chicagoans. Part Mozzarella Store, Napoletana Pizzeria, & Caffé, the all-in-one shop is located in the heart of Chicago, right on the Mag Mile (822 N. Michigan).

And this isn’t your regular Kraft singles. The cheesy eatery is artisanal-only, focusing diligently on organic and homemade Italian fare. Captivating the essence of Italy, this shop presents a modern Italian-decor, complemented with lush greenery and Italian-style seating.

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